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Author Peter DeHaan began blogging in 2008 and has written over 2,200 posts. While some of his blogs have come and gone, and all have endured many moves between platforms and service providers, these key blogs remain:

Peter DeHaan: Blogger, Author, Publisher, EditorPursuing Biblical God is Peter’s main blog where he writes about God, the Bible, the church, and us. He calls this biblical spirituality.

Byline covers the art of writing and the business of publishing, which allows Peter to give back to the writing community.

Musings is Peter’s oldest blog, started in 2008. After 500 posts, he’s taking a break. However, some of the best posts are being put into an upcoming book, Woodpecker Wars.

Peter DeHaan’s mission is to change the world one word at a time. His writing career spans three decades, having published hundreds of articles and authored four academic works, with multiple blogs and a growing number of books.

Over time a passionate wordsmith emerged, who writes non-fiction, fiction, and memoir, as well as the occasional poem. In 2001, Peter DeHaan founded Peter DeHaan Publishing, Inc., a periodical and website publisher. Peter serves as the president, publisher, and editor-in-chief.

Peter lives in Southwest Michigan, with his bride of three decades. They have two married children and three amazing grandchildren. Peter is an avid reader and podcast consumer. A movie buff who enjoys nature walks, Peter celebrates both as sensory experiences that feed his inner muse.

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