Writing Rightly

On my last post, I admitted a struggle with the writing process.  Not so much with the end results, but instead with the speed of getting there. Therefore, I will be working on “writing rightly,” that is writing with efficient effectiveness.

Along with that, I have established some personal blogging guidelines for “writing rightly.”

My plan is to do three or four entries a week.  In order to maintain a proper balance between work and play and service (this blog is a combination of all three), I will try to post in the evenings and only on weekdays.  (Notice that this entry is not in the evening and the prior one was not on a weekday.  This gives me two more goals to shoot for!)

Each post will be fairly short—about 200 to 300 words is the goal.   I want each entry to be long enough to convey something of merit, but not so long that people bail out at the mere sight of its length.  Personally, I do that often with articles I read and emails I receive; I want to spare you from that.  Brevity is the watchword!

Lastly, though I will unashamedly plug businesses and websites that are meaningful or interesting to me, know I will not accept any payment or consideration to do so.  This blogger cannot be bought!


What’s a Caucus?

There needs to be a better way to elect a President.  One state has caucused* for their nominee and two candidates thusly dropped out.  Forty-nine states won’t even get a chance to vote for them!

I heard on NPR that the majority of the winners in Iowa go on to become their party’s nominee.  If that’s the case, it means one of two things:

1) Iowa is a fairly accurate predictor of overall US voter preference (so then why bother with the rest of the primaries), or

2) The rest of the country is swayed -– with the generous help of the media -– to agree with Iowa’s decision (which isn’t fair or acceptable).

So, the competition has begun.  However, this long, grueling exercise is more of an endurance race than ascertaining who is the most electable candidate to represent their party.

Next up: New Hampshire and then Michigan(my home state -– I’ll have more to say about that in a few days!)

* The Free Dictionary defines Caucus as “A meeting of the local members of a political party especially to select delegates to a convention or register preferences for candidates running for office.”

Let it Snow!

Over the holidays, friends from southern California made a surprise visit.  Although my buddy grew up in Michigan, complete with it’s snowy winters, his bride and their three sons are California-raised.  As such, snow is a greatly hoped for occurrence during any Christmas-time visit.  This year did not disappoint.

With only mild embarrassment they admitted to becoming distracted by the awe-inspired beauty of the snow in the mall parking lot.  Pictures were taken of the fluffy white precipitation and a spontaneous snowball fight erupted.  People were staring, but they didn’t care.  The snow was too glorious and joy abounded.  (It is inconceivable that I would ever use “joy” and “snow” in the same sentence.)

They hoped for more snow — and the opportunity to take more pictures.  I am pleased to say that they got their wish!


As a winter-jaded Michigander, I approach the snow season a little less enthusiasm each year.   Yes, I want snow, but it doesn’t need to last for three or four months.  For me the ideal schedule is for it to snow on Christmas Eve and melt the day after News Years Day.  As you can see from the above picture, it is not melting!

Happy New Year

As a new year begins, it seems an apropos time to start a blog. This is a project that I have been contemplating for a few years now and finally it is being launched. Later on, I may blog more about that decision, but today, I want to wish you a safe, happy, and prosperous new year.

Traditionally, the new year is a time when many people resolve to make changes in their life. Making new year’s resolutions, however, is a practice that I tend to avoid.  It seems arbitrary and contrived to target January first. After all, if a change is warranted or desired, why wait? Set about it immediately, be it January first, May tenth, or October seventeenth. Any day is a great day to commence making life changes.

Therefore, if you made a new year’s resolution, I wish you much perseverance and great success.

And if you forgot to make a resolution, don’t wait until 2009 rolls around, begin right away, just as soon as you realize that an adjustment is needed in your life or circumstances.

Regardless of how your year is starting off and the plans you have made, I hope that you will make it a great one!