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Top Ten Posts for 2013

Check out the top blog posts on The Musings of Peter DeHaan from last year. The 2013 top ten are:

  1. Smile…You’re Being Scanned
  2. Life is Better When Shared With Friends
  3. Puppy Therapy
  4. Book Review: Ditched
  5. Six Types of Books in My Library
  6. Dealing with Rising Healthcare Costs
  7. What Do You Expect?
  8. Welcome to Summer
  9. How Many Friends Do You Have?
  10. What If There Was No Mail?

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Peter DeHaan’s Blogs

This blog, “The Musings of Peter DeHaan,” is my original blog.

I started it on January 1, 2008.

Although, I’ve been consistently blogging since then, I’ve not posted too much on this blog lately, but have been blogging on my other blogs. You can read my posts on:

My main blog, Spiritually Speaking, where I post new content throughout the week.

On Saturdays, I blog about writing on Byline and on Wednesdays, I blog about book publishing at Peter DeHaan Publishing.

Of course, I still occasionally blog here when I have something to share that doesn’t fit the other blogs.

I look forward to seeing you on my other blogs!

Top 10 Posts on From The Musings of Peter DeHaan for 2012

Here are the ten most popular posts on The Musings of Peter DeHaan for 2012. Some are quite recent while others are still being read now even though they were posted years ago. Thank you for reading my posts:

  1. Responding to Email
  2. Woodpecker Wars
  3. A Micro-Garden
  4. Healthcare Costs
  5. 3 Responses to the US Election
  6. Smile…You’re Being Scanned
  7. What If There Was No Mail?
  8. When Innovation Falls Short
  9. Google’s Chrome is Yet to Shine
  10. Do You Lie to Your Doctor?

Which one is your favorite?

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Peter DeHaan and Jerry Barrett Start Writers Group

The Kalamazoo Christian Writers critique group holds first meeting and generates excitement.

Mattawan, Michigan, July 19, 2012 – Peter DeHaan and Jerry Barrett have started a writers critique group, Kalamazoo Christian Writers (KCW), based in Kalamazoo Michigan. The first meeting was held July 11 at The Point, a non-profit community center located on the west side of Kalamazoo.

KCW materials passed out at the inaugural meeting state, “Though this is a Christian writers group, there is no expectation that all our work must be ostensibly ‘Christian’ writing. Christians who write have a place in virtually every genre, market, and industry; we need to embrace and support that.”

“The response was great,” said cofounder Peter DeHaan. “We talked about the vision for the group, shared the critiquing process, and practiced on a couple of pieces.” Attendees were universally excited about the group and what it will offer to improve their writing and advance their careers.

For some time Barrett and DeHaan have been making an hour drive twice a month to take part in another critique group. When they realized the value of group critiquing and with the uncertainty of winter driving in Michigan, they began making plans to form a local group. Though the two intend to remain connected with the first group, this new endeavor, KCW, will be their focus.

“The main value of a critique group is to help the writer to look at the window of the craft of writing not through it,” said cofounder Jerry Barrett. “The goal of critique is to help one another, as writers, to accentuate what is clear for the reader and to remove possible smudges on the pane.”

The critiquing process is scalable, so there’s no limit to the size of the group – and the meeting room is large enough to accommodate a much larger scope. Regardless of the number present, writers will split into manageable sized groups to maximize effectiveness and minimize time requirements. Critiquing is best when done in groups of four or five, with everyone having a piece to share and everyone providing feedback.

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month. Email Peter DeHaan for more information.

About Jerry Barrett

Jerry Barrett (aka “Jerry Poet”) is a longtime poet and a more recent memoirist. He frequently blogs his distinctive poetry, insightful observations, and compelling commentary at Gerald the Writer. For his day job, he wears a brown uniform and delivers packages. Jerry resides near Kalamazoo, Michigan, with his wife, a dozen kids, and assortment of pets. This all serves to give him much fodder to fire his imaginative writing.
About Peter DeHaan:

Peter DeHaan is a published author and president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc. He is an active blogger and frequent book reviewer. His blogs include “Byline” (a blog about writing), “Spiritually Speaking,” “From the Publisher’s Desk” (covering publishing and marketing), and “The Musings of Peter DeHaan.” Many of Peter DeHaan’s articles can be found online at Article Weekly. Peter resides near Kalamazoo with his wife; they have two adult children.


Peter DeHaan

My Summertime Schedule

For myself and many others, summer effectively begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.

This year the weather seems to concur that summer is over. Last Friday, temperatures in southern Michigan were in the upper nineties, with a heat index of 105 to 115. Today, the highs failed to hit 70, with a predicted low tonight of 45.

For the first time in months, I am wearing jeans and have donned a sweatshirt. It certainly feels like fall.

With fall comes a pledge to blog more frequently. If you’re keeping track, it’s pushing two months since my last post. It’s not that I have nothing to share — I’ve composed many a blog in my mind — it’s that I’ve not had a chance to write things out. So, I hope to begin catching up and write retroactively.

Another change is that the comments and trackbacks features are again reactivated. I had turned them off due to a high degree of spam, but with a software upgrade, things are again manageable.

Also, check out my other blogs, which I post to more frequently:

A New Blog: From the Publisher’s Desk

This blog, the “Musings of Peter DeHaan,” is about nothing, but covers everything. It is essentially a sharing of my stream of conscience. While this blog will continue unabated, I have started another blog, one with a stated purpose and goal.

It is a business blog, called “From the Publishers Desk,” and shares my tips and commentary about advertising and marketing. If this topic is of interest, I encourage you to check it out. Just like this blog, you can sign up to be notified via email of new posts or subscribe to a list feed.

[In 2013, the name of the blog changed to “The Book Blog,” and the focus became book publishing. All old posts were saved in the archive section.]

Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc Launches TAStrader e-Publication

Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc Launches TAStrader e-Publication”

This headline has been four years in the making — seriously.

In 2005, I hatched an idea for an e-publication for telephone answering services.  I did some online research, eventually landing on a name with matching website that were available.  Taking a proactive step forward, I registered the domain name on May 13, 2005.

In my spare time over the following months, I would plan and strategize how the publication would be laid out, promoted, and supported.  Sometimes I would go for months without working on it, but the idea had been birthed and was not going to go away.  Two years ago, I began in earnest, putting my many musings to paper and working out the details.  I added “TAStrader” on my “to do” list, but there always seemed to be another project that was more worthy, more demanding, or more promising of providing immediate gratification.

Approaching the project’s four-year mark, I decided that I needed to bring it to fruition or be content to forever lay it aside.  Fortunately, my planning notes were sufficiently sound and adequately detailed, so there was little left to do — except execute the plan.  It was merely a matter of prioritizing my time and enlisting the support of the Connections Magazine team to make this a reality.

Last Saturday the supporting website,, went online and the bugs worked out on Monday.  The final version of the premier issue was also completed and approved that day.

Although the scheduled distribution is April 9, I pulled the trigger this morning with an announcement launching TAStrader.  Emailing the subscribers and potential subscribers will still happen as scheduled, but the word is out and people are providing pleasingly positive feedback.

I would hope so — I’ve been working on it for four years!

My Top Ten Blog Entries (Plus One)

I’ve been blogging for six months now, posting 120 entries.  It’s been a learning experience and an enjoyable endeavor.  I’m still not writing as quickly as I would like or as accurately — seemingly every post requires an edit or two.

Weekly readership has grown to about 700, which should prove to my incredulous wife that people — aside from family — are actually reading my blog.  I receive about one posted comment per three entries — and about twice as many email responses.  Doing a bit of interpolation on the stats, there have been about 13,000 times that posts have been read so far.

My top ten entries are an interesting collection:

  1. Goodbye Bobby Fischer – Jan 22 – 862 reads
  2. New Postage Rates – May 9 – 679 reads
  3. AARP Revisited – Jan 30 – 560 reads
  4. Who Told AARP About My Birthday? – Jan 24 – 264 reads
  5. Do you have Vista? – Feb 8 – 261 reads
  6. Shall I Bring a Soda or Leave It Be? – Jan 14 – 251 reads
  7. “Achieve Incredible Weight Loss Results” – Feb 22 – 246 reads
  8. Senator Jon Tester – Feb 5 – 226 reads
  9. An Engaging Situation – Mar 11 – 194 reads
  10. The Christmas Five – Jan 18 –  and The Movie Maven – Feb 27 – tied at 180 reads

I assumed after a post had been online for a while, that interest would die off, but that is not the case.  Older entries continue to be read, well past the date they were posted.

I’m also getting a feel for what isn’t read as much.  I ponder if I should steer towards topics that have the potential for greater appeal or stick with the eclectic topics that spark my interest.

In any regard, blogging is one way of extending publishing to the Internet.  Yes, my magazines have websites, but blogging takes it to the next level.  So whether it is in print or online, I am a dedicated publisher.