April Fools Day Is No Day To Market Truth

The month that follows March kicks off with some tomfoolery; we call this April Fool’s Day.  At some point, I may delve into the origins of this mischievous custom, but for now, permit me to share my day with you.

As a publisher, each year I receive some April Fool’s Day press releases.  While the best ones quickly become self-obvious, there were a couple that I wasn’t sure about.  I scowl and press delete.  This is a great reason to never, ever make a serious announcement on April first.  You don’t want your important missive to be dismissed as a joke.

Taking the prize for clever creativeness is:

“OBAMA RESIGNS Enlists in Peace Corps!  Saying he is practicing what he preaches, Barack Obama has resigned from the Presidency, effective April 1, moved his family out of the Oval Office and enlisted in the Peace Corps, circa 1969…”

Honorable mention goes to:

“ECM Vendors Throw in the Towel at Philadelphia Summit: Top Content Management Suppliers Tell Customers to Give Up  The “E20″ group of major ECM vendors will conclude their summit meeting at the AIIM Expo today with a communiqué urging enterprises to permanently suspend efforts to manage content…”

The head-scratcher goes to a book announcement for:

“A Paradise for Some is Paradise for None.  Based on actual stories, it tells you about Ron Edelweiss. A former Swiss banker Ron Edelweiss spent eight years in the Caribbean tax, legal and regulatory haven of the Crocodile Islands, and the challenges he and his family face there, and then in Switzerland as a consequence of his determination to resist the corrupt system.”

Although based on “actual stories,” the book jacket said it was “an entirely and completely and decidedly and deceptively fictional novel.”  A Google search of the title gave no matches, but the author is presumably real — and has a website and blog about his ordeal.  The book is listed by Lulu, a publishing company that offers books-on-demand and e-books.

The whole thing smacks of subterfuge, but if it is, it is an elaborate ruse.  In any event, had I received the announcement on April 2, I would have accepted it as real.  As it is, I’m not sure what to think.  Perhaps that joke’s on me.

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