Have a Happy Normal Day

With Christmas and New Years behind us, it is time to get things back to normal.

It’s great to have time off from work for the holidays, wonderful to spend time with family, refreshing to sleep in, and enjoyable to feast upon holiday foods and delectable deserts. However, it is also good to return to a regular routine — for things to get back to normal.

For as wonderful as the holidays are, I like normal, too. Normal is how I keep disciplined and remain focused; it allows me to get important things done.

Yesterday, was supposed to be normal, but the transition from holiday mode to normal mode takes time for me. I think it does for others as well. You see yesterday did not seem normal and many people shared my struggle to return to normal.

However, today was nearly normal and I suspect tomorrow will be completely normal. At least I hope so, because I have work to do!

Have a Happy Normal Day!

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