Three Responses to the US Election

The Presidential election in the United States is over. I, for one, am glad. The political phone calls, mailers, and ads now reside in our rear view mirrors.

Given the closeness of the outcome, I suspect about half of the people are rejoicing over the results and the other half, mourning.

For those with me in this second group, I offer three responses:

Respect the office of the President: Be glad for an elected president to lead us, not a dictator who controls or a king to serve.

Respect the person of the President: This doesn’t require affirming or even accepting his political views. Though often hard for me to comprehend, I see no evil or selfishness in our President, but a principled man doing what he feels is best.

Determine to be part of the solution, not part of the problem: With many issues needing attention, divisiveness must be set aside. Those who came up on the losing side can opt to be angry and obstruct progress or make the best of the situation, helping our country move forward.

I, for one, will view the glass as half-full — and hope not to be proven wrong.

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