A New Car Stereo Packs a Surprise and Some Frustration

Over time, my wife’s aging car radio went from functional, to partially working, to barely usable.  Additionally, since it was manufactured in a prior decade (not to mention the previous century, as well a different millennium), it sported a cassette deck instead of the now ubiquitous CD player.  Clearly, an upgrade was in order.

As a surprise, I switched cars with her last Friday and had a new system installed while she was at work.  Perplexingly, it came with a remote control.  I guess that way, kids can sit in the back and change stations, while parents in the front seat can counterman their selections.

Anyway, as I drove home, I preset all the stations and figured out how everything worked — except how to set the time.  Once home, I spent several minutes of futile effort, then consulted the manual; it was no help.

I called the dealer stating, “I can’t figure out how to set the time — and the manual doesn’t help.”

He sighed — loudly.  Seemingly, it is a common problem.  He said he would need to play with the showroom unit — and put me on hold.  After about 10 minutes (that’s just an estimate, but call lasted 13 minutes and 42 second and we weren’t talking that long), he returned, saying that neither he, nor the installer, could figure it out.  The installer would call me back — on Monday.

However, about 15 minutes later, I was called with the right procedure:  To get into the time setting mode, you repeatedly press “source” until the time is displayed, then press and hold “source” unit the time starts flashing.  The manual merely said, press “function.”

So, because of a poorly written manual, the dealer spent more effort helping me set the time, than installing the unit.

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