A New Computer for Christmas!

Over the holidays, I bought a new computer.  That hardly seems newsworthy, but for me computer transitions are an ordeal.  Aside from the practical standpoint that I don’t like to spend money, my reluctance stems from the time and angst to migrate from one computer to the next.  So, I successfully found reasons to put this off for over a year.  But my aging ‘puter was clearly being taxed, so I finally made the switch:

  • My new computer is much faster!
  • Windows 7 is a great operating system.  Seven is an easy learning curve from Vista.  (Although my initial Vista experiences were disastrous, once I installed enough memory and did a clean install, it worked great.)
  • With every upgrade, I always learn something “new” that actually existed on the prior software, but to which I was unaware.
  • This computer is my first with a DVD burner and — my first without a floppy disk drive.  Also gone are the modem and parallel port – an oversight, given that my old faithful printer requires one.
  • Interestingly, there are only 6 USB ports and every one is already in use.  (My old computer had 8.)

The cost of the computer breaks down to about 50% for hardware and 50% for software (Windows and Office) – and 50% for unforeseen expenses.  Yes, there were significant costs overruns.  At this point I’ve had to buy upgrades for three programs to work with Windows 7.  Plus I have two more that still aren’t working.  Aside from my parallel printer, my other printer lacks a Windows 7 driver.  Although I have a workaround solution for both, it is temporary, so new printers are in my future as well.  However, all of this pales in light of my frustration with Office 2010

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