A Salute to Google Alerts

One of the many things I appreciate about Google is Google Alerts (I enjoy both the service and the fact that it is free).  With Google Alerts, you enter in a name or phrase to be tracked.  When Google finds it online, they let you know about it.

I use Google Alerts to track references of my name and magazines online.  This helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening relative to me in Cyberspace.  Plus, if there is misinformation (which happened once), I can to correct it (which was partially successful).  I think everyone should set up a Google Alert for his or her name and business.

Of course, many of the matches that pop up are to my own websites.  Other matches are not for me.  For example, a prodigious blogger who shares my name seems to post daily on a couple of blogs.  I only have a faint idea of what he is talking about, but am quite sure that he is an expert.  Thanks to Google Alerts I know about him; I wonder if he knows — or cares — about me?  (I’m not narcissistic, just curious.)

The phrase “Connections Magazine” gives frequent matches to other publications with the word Connections in the title, such as “Cycle Connections” magazine, “Irish Connections” magazine, “Cable Connections” magazine, many “Connections” magazine, and even other “Connections Magazine.”  At this time, I’ve logged over 30 and I am sure there are more.  Someday I will post a list.

Over the weekend, there was a blog post by Randy Saunders mentioning Connections Magazine.  He wrote an article in Connections, back in ’07, entitled “Creating a Virtual Contact Center.”  He shared with readers how he could link to the specific page of his article, on the PDF file of that issue, by appending the web address with “#page=” and the page number.  If not for Google Alerts, I would have never known about his post or the nifty trick that he shared.  Of course, I felt obliged to comment on his post, thanking him for the info and letting him know of the link to the text version of his article.

Thank you Google and thank you Randy.

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