A Taxing Situation

No one likes to pay taxes and most people wish that the tax laws were more “fair.”  This is a subtle way of saying, “I think I pay more than I should.”  This thought transcends all tax brackets and incomes.

The IRS recently reported on statistics from 2006 (which is scary in and of itself).  Of all the returns, the top 1% (those with the top 1% of the income) paid 40% of all taxes, but accounted for only 22% of the incomeThat’s not fair.

The top 50% of the tax filers paid 97% of all income taxes and accounted for 87.5% of all income.  That’s not fair.

As far as the bottom 50% of all taxpayers, they actually collected more then they paid.

This is what scares me.  These people can also vote.  Soon they become a majority and we taxpayers will become a minority.  Then this majority can vote for the politician who will give them the most money, knowing that the minority will pay for it.

And that’s not fair!

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