Last week I groused about a decided lack of discounts from AARP.  A day later, as I opened their latest missive, I thought that was about to change, but I was wrong.

They were offering “valuable life insurance information” for me.

Through AARP, I can have $50,000 dollars of term life, for a rate of “just” $51.04 a month, which is $612.48 per year.  That is an effective rate of $12.25 per thousand dollars of insurance per year.  But wait, there’s more.  The footnote says that the rate increases over time.  How nice.

Actually, I already have life insurance.  The coverage is for much more and the annual cost is about half.  The effective rate for my existing policy is only $1.04 per thousand or about a twelfth the cost of AARP’s offer.  Plus, my rate is locked in for several years.

If this is the kind of discount I can expect through AARP, I’ll need to rethink the “value” of my membership — because I am yet to see any.

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