Alltel Wireless Acquired by Verizon Wireless

A couple weeks ago, I thought I heard on the news the Alltel Wireless had been acquired by Verizon Wireless.  If this were true, it would cause a bit of a concern given that Alltel is my cell phone provider and Verizon was my provider.  It’s not that I object to change, it’s that there was a reason why I switched carriers and this might negate the advantages that Alltel offered.

The situation was confirmed over the weekend, when Alltel sent me a notification confirming the merger.  This had actually been in the works for several months, but I don’t pay too much attention to acquisition and merger news that is rumored, speculated, or “pending approval.”  Interestingly, Alltel’s cute and clever ads that poke fun of their competition (including Verizon) were still running this past weekend.

Prior to the acquisition, AT&T was reported to be the largest cell phone provider, but with Alltel’s client base added to Verizon’s, that will move Verizon to the number one spot.  The actual integration of the two systems should be relatively easy since they both use the same technology.

Aside from Alltel offering me the best-priced plan for my needs, they also have the popular “My Circle” which lets users on my plan call selected phone numbers for free.  They say that my service plan, equipment, and Circle will remain unchanged.  I hope so.

I do assume that the “My Circle” commercials will soon cease, leaving me to be amused by the “Can you hear me now” commercials.  Oh, wait, I seldom watch commercials — I usually zip past them using my DVR.

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