An Engaging Situation

Candy and I have two children; she reminds me that she always wanted four. Now her wish will come true. No, we’re not expecting – get that thought out of your mind right now. And we’re not adopting, either. We’re doing this the easy way: our kids are getting married!

Laura and Chris got engaged last spring and a summer wedding is in the works.  Dan popped the question last weekend; Kelli said, “Yes.”  Neither of these betrothals were unexpected and we couldn’t be happier.

As I shared the news of Laura’s engagement to those who didn’t know Chris, I often received curious queries:

“What do you think?” they ask with careful caution.  “I think it’s great,” this beaming dad replies.

“Well, do you like him?” they probe a bit deeper.  “Most definitely,” declares the father of the bride.

“So, then you’re okay with this?” They’re becoming assured, but seek confirmation.  “They’re a great match,” I testify, “and I couldn’t be happier.”

Now, with another engagement in the works, I expect the same sort of questions from those who don’t know Kelli.  Happily, my answers will be the same.

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