An Engaging Situation

Candy and I have two children; she reminded me that she always wanted four. Eleven years ago, her wish had come true. No, we were not expecting—get that thought out of your mind right now. And we were not adopting, either. We were doing this the easy way: our kids were getting married!

Laura and Chris got engaged spring of 2007 and a summer wedding was in the works. Dan popped the question on a weekend of March 2008; Kelli said, “Yes.” Neither of these betrothals was unexpected and I remember we couldn’t be happier.

As I shared the news of Laura’s engagement to those who didn’t know Chris, I had often received curious queries:

“What do you think?” they asked with careful caution. “I think it’s great,” this beaming dad replied.

“Well, do you like him?” they probe a bit deeper. “Most definitely,” declares the father of the bride.

“So, then you’re okay with this?” They’re becoming assured, but seek confirmation. “They’re a great match,” I testify, “and I couldn’t be happier.”

With another engagement in the works that time, I expected the same sort of questions from those who didn’t know Kelli. Happily, my answers would have been the same.

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