An Ironic Conflict from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Earlier this week, I confessed to feelings of computer rage in dealing with three mystifying technical issues.  The second of three issues first surfaced when trying to do a Microsoft update from their Website.  I am an enthusiastic fan of the browser Firefox, only keeping Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) around for those times when Microsoft forces me to use it.  This was one of those times — and to my shock and dismay, IE did not work on Microsoft’s own Website; how ironic.

Confoundedly, IE would work on other Websites, just not Microsoft’s, while Firefox would display the Microsoft page in question, whereas IE couldn’t — but since Microsoft blocks update attempts from other browsers, all I could do was longingly gaze at the update link.

Although irritated, I didn’t think too much of it, until I discovered that FrontPage (another Microsoft program) wasn’t working either.  Now, things were serious.  Speculating that there was a connection between the two issues, I decided to focus on the IE problem, contacting my computer support folks in India.

I had been running IE 7 and tried the beta version of IE 8 without success.  My technical guru took me back to IE 6, thereby solving both problems.

He seemed nonchalant by it all, explaining that IE 6 was designed to work with Windows XP, whereas IE 7 was not.  How curious.

Now I can do Microsoft updates and use FrontPage, albeit with IE 6 residing on my computer as an apparent requirement.

Only now Windows wants me to update IE, but I’m not falling for it.  I’d rather have an old, unsafe version that works, then the new one that doesn’t.

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