Are the Olympics a Boon or Bust to Business?

From time to time, I check out the stats for my blog to see how many people are reading and what they’re reading.  I’m not fixated on it, but I am aware.

Throughout this year, readership has slowly and steadily increased to about 150 per day.  As we moved into summer, readership, not unexpectedly, dropped a bit, to just over 100 per day.  During the Olympics, however, the average dipped even more, to slightly below 100.

Now that the Olympics are behind us, I noticed that yesterday, there were over 200 readers to this blog and today has already surpassed yesterday’s total.

I noticed a similar upswing in business activity.  I received many more substantive emails and phone calls yesterday than any day during the Olympics.

I am left pondering if a dip in activity has been felt by others around the world.  Has the Olympics (that is, the distraction of global televised sports) served as a disruption to commerce and business worldwide?

It’s something to think about.

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