At Least I Don’t Have to Rake the Stems

A few weeks ago, I shared about leaves falling from my Maple trees (see Raking Leaves).

In the spring an insect lays eggs in the stems of Maple leaves.  When the eggs hatch, the stems become weak at that juncture and the leaves falloff.  That was June 6.

Stems from Maple Trees

At this time, the leaves have stopped falling off (at least until fall when they’re supposed to) and now it’s the stems’ turn.  Apparently, each stem that lost it’s leaf now has nothing to do.  So out of boredom or a loss of purpose, they are jettisoning themselves to the lawn below.

It’s not a big deal, but I do find this interesting.  I grabbed a handful of them to show you.

Notice the long stem on the bottom.

The left end was attached to the branch and the right end was where the egg was laid in the stem.  The brown is the trauma caused by the egg hatching and the stem breaking.

I realize this is likely trivial to you, but I find it fascinating!  Tomorrow, I will try to find something that you will find fascinating as well!

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