Barack Obama is the next President of the USA

Yesterday was the “Super Bowl” of politics; it was like watching the World Series, the Stanley Cup, and the NBA Finals all rolled into one grand political extravaganza.  The main difference is that whereas a sports championship builds over a few months, this was two years in the making.

First, let me congratulate Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.  Whether or not he was your pick, the American thing to do — the right thing to do, is to give him your support.

Next, some side notes about the election:

  • There was a rock star aura surrounding Barack that served to drive excessively exuberant votes his way.  This isn’t a criticism of Barack, just an observation.
  • In winning, the Obama campaign dramatically outspent the McCain camp.  Is there causality?  I think so.
  • Many people became engaged the in the political process for the first time; hopefully they will remain.

With an Obama presidency some people have great expectations, whereas others have great fears.  At this point, I am hopefully anticipating two things:

1) For the short-term: I believe that the steps required to fix the economy have already been made, but they are being repressed by unsubstantiated pessimism (see my article, “An Opportunity for Change” for more details).  It’s my hope that with the election behind us the media will stop harping about how bad things are and the public will jettison their negativity.  I think that will be all we need to get the markets rebounding, the credit flowing, and the economy moving again.  Please, may it be so.

2) For the long-term: As the first black US President, I hope that Barack will symbolically and substantively strike a blow to racism and prejudice.  Although great progress has been made, there is still much more that remains.  We are poised for that to happen.  Please, please, may it be so.

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