Birthday Celebration

Monday was my bride’s birthday.  It will be inadvisable for me to tell you how old she is, but suffice it to say it was a milestone event.  Though she normally relishes her birthday festivities, her enthusiasm was a bit subdued this year.  Even so, we managed to stretch it over several days.

A coworker was shocked — and in a certain amount of incredulous disbelief — that my bride could now qualify for her own AARP card.

He related that he was once a member, but was disinclined to re-up.  Eventually he was called by AARP about this matter.  In the course of conversation, he averred that he disagreed with some of AARP’s stances on various social issues. The AARP rep, said, “Oh, you’re one of those people.”  That’s one membership that won’t be salvaged.

I enrolled in AARP for the promised discounts — which have yet to materialize — and in spite of the political positions they espouse on various issues.

But I just know they have lobbyists running around the Capital, telling our elected officials that I (and their millions of other members) support their stand on positions X, Y, and Z — even though we all don’t.

Perhaps membership was too big of sacrifice for me to make after all.

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