Brett Favre versus the Green Bay Packers

After watching and cheering for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers for so many years, it is disconcerting to watch Brett Favre playing against the Green Bay Packers.  This happened for the second time — and the first time at Green Bay — when Favre’s new team, the Minnesota Vikings, invaded the territory of his old  team on Sunday.

On more than one occasion I became flummoxed over who I was rooting for.  To cheer on Green Bay implied ill-will towards Favre, while backing Favre — and his Vikings — was disrespectful of my longtime favorite Packers.  It was quite conflicting, with the real possibility that whoever was victorious would be a bitter-sweet moment for me.

However, Green Bay played admirably, with Favre, once again proving his greatness, which along with his child-like enthusiasm for the game, made the resulting Minnesota victory most satisfying.

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