Chiefs Win!

I didn’t have time to post anything last night, but I have a good excuse.

Son, Dan’s hockey team was playing for their men’s league championship.  They won 8 to 0, for an undefeated season.  Their opponent, having notched upset overtime victories in their first two playoff games, played admirably, but simply ran out of steam by the time they reached the finals.

Dan is the Chief’s goalie — their only goalie.  As such, he played every minute of every game.  This is unlike most of his prior hockey experience, where he shared net minder duties with multiple goalies – sometimes as many as three others.

For men’s league, fan backing is minimal.  Most players skate without the support of family and friends.  A wife or two occasionally shows up, sometimes with kids in tow.  For others a girlfriend cheers them on.  In the game last night, Dan’s contingency outnumbered all the other fans combined.

Most of the action was on the opposite end of the ice and Dan didn’t have much to do (which is not his preference; he likes to be kept busy).  When called upon, he responded admirably, keeping the puck out of the net throughout the entire contest.

Dan in Net for The Chiefs's Win

I get tense when Dan is playing and the game is close.  This, however, was a game I could thoroughly enjoy: an early lead was established, there is little doubt as to the outcome, and Dan played with excellence!

Yea!  The Chiefs win the championship!

The Chiefs Championship Photo

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