Computer Rage

We’ve all heard of road rage — and I suspect have on occasion had that split second impulse to ram our car into an offending driver.  (Please tell me that I’m not the only one.)  Fortunately, common sense and civility prevail and actual vehicular assault is rare, being caused by limited number of drivers who should not be behind the wheel.

I think that road rage has a corresponding technology affliction called computer rage.  It’s when our computers cause us so much infuriating irritation that we want to hurt them; last Monday I had it bad.  All three work computers had issues, which were stubbornly hard to resolve.  Fortunately, it was a slow week for me, as I needed to devote most of my pre-Thanksgiving work hours towards their resolution.

At this point, one of the three problems is fully resolved, the most debilitating one has been resolved to a functional level, and for the third, there is an easy — if not irritating — work around.

Later this week, I will blog about these three issues more: The Microsoft Live OneCare “Message 2100” is resolved and I want to document my solution for the good of the industry; the Microsoft Internet Explorer issue was so ironic that I can’t pass up talking about it, while the Microsoft Vista problem will be a continuation of my ongoing rant about Vista — albeit with a more conciliatory tone.

It’s interesting to realize that all three of my computer rage issues have commonality with Microsoft.

[Maybe I need to go back to Apple — my first computer was an Apple IIe, while my second one was a Mac.]

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