Daylight Saving Time and Other Temporal Nonsense

This past weekend, most of the United States switched to “Daylight Saving Time” (DST). This is a major hassle and source of many personal irritations:

First, why does our government call this charade “daylight saving time?” Do they really think that it saves daylight? Or do they just think that they can dupe enough people into buying their deception? 

Regards, this makes one wonder about other more pressing matters, like the bailout plan, economic recovery, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, healthcare reform, and so on. If they are delusional enough to think that they can save daylight, what other frauds are they perpetrating on us, the US?

Next, regardless of how diligent I am, I always miss setting at least one clock. For this switch, I missed two. These non-adjusted timepieces cause me consternation upon first glimpse, either in the form of sheer panic or temporal disorientation.

There are technological means to mitigate the time wasted in adjusting our timepieces so that we may save time. It would be a relatively simple matter for our utilities to embed a time signal into the power lines that enter our homes and businesses. 

Each time-device that is plugged into an electrical outlet could read that signal and adjust its time.  (This would help greatly after a power outage as well.) True, that would require a bit more electronic circuitry and programming, thereby slightly increasing the cost of each device, but it would definitely be worth it. That would leave cars and battery clocks to be dealt with, both of which could be addressed via satellite feed, as is the case with my “atomic clock” that syncs with an orbiting satellite.

Lastly, adjusting the time, especially in the spring, throws me off my biological sleep balance.  This lasts for up to a week and is much more disconcerting than jet lag.  I’d share more about this, but first I need to go take a nap.

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