Do You Have a Proclivity for Email or an Outright Addiction?

Imagine you’re in a nondescript room, sitting in a circle with a bunch of strangers, waiting for a meeting to begin.  Finally, it is time start and one of the strangers hesitantly confesses: “My name is Fred, and I’m addicted to…email.”

Does this strike you as humorous or do you see a bit of yourself in this fictitious scenario?  Well, the truth may surprise you.  In a recent AOL survey, 46% of the people in the United States admit to being addicted to email.

According to the survey:

62% of respondents check work email on weekends
19% choose vacation spots that has email access
59% check their email from the bathroom
55% have upgraded their mobile phone just to receive email

Okay, I admit that there are times when I have an irrational urge to check email and occasionally experience a bit of panic when I’m disconnected for too long.  Yes, I am part of the 62% who check business email on the weekends.

But the other three items are definitely not me.  Vacation is a time to separate myself from email, same with the bathroom (which is were I read my magazines — doesn’t everybody?), and my cell phone is for talking — when I want to talk — nothing else, no texting, no email, no web surfing, just normal talking.

So, yes, I use email frequently, I depend on it, and couldn’t run my business without it.  But addicted to it?  No, just a positive proclivity, with occasional urges to partake, but certainly not addicted.

Other people may be, but not me — I can control it!

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