Do You Have Power?

Last weekend we decided to watch a DVD.  The only problem was that we were in the middle of a power outage.  Undaunted, we gathered around a laptop and popped in the DVD.  It would not play; something about a missing plug-in.

Although frustrating, we moved to a second laptop.  The DVD played fine — until the battery died with only a couple of scenes remaining.

I pulled a third laptop out of the closet, but the battery was dead.  Fortunately, the battery from the first laptop was interchangeable; unfortunately, that computer had issues as well: one program had an audio problem and the other one, video.

However, a small UPS in my office still had some life left in it, so we migrated there with laptop #2 — and watched another 30 seconds before the UPS ran out of juice.

The movie would need to wait for tomorrow.

As I lay in bed, wondering how it ended, I recalled the power inverter in my car.  We could have retreated there to power the laptop and conclude the movie.  While I considered the merits of sitting in a car that was parked in a garage to watch a movie on a laptop, I drifted off to sleep — and to the sound of my neighbor’s generator.

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