Downsizing my TV

Late last spring, when the US conversion to digital TV was completed, I noted with irony that my old analog TV, for which I had bought a converter box, was acting up.  The frequency of flaky behavior increased over the summer and finally the proven method of turning it off and back on, failed to bring it back.  It has since been permanently retired.

However, a ready backup was available.  A TV left by a roommate of my daughter in her college days, was collecting dust in our basement, so I hooked it up.  Did I mention that it was a tad bit smaller?  At a scant 14 inches, we effectively downsized 5 inches.  (And I thought that the old 19-inch model was small!)

When friends come to visit, their eyes are drawn to the tiny TV — and then they laugh.  This is in part because the table on which is sits, once supported a 26-inch analog monster, which gave up the ghost several years ago; the 19 incher was actually, the backup.

So, we are now using the backup to the backup, but there’s more.  When the 14-inch goes — and yes, it has misbehaved on a few occasions, showing its age — there is another backup.  It is a 30-year old 12-inch portable black and white unit.

I don’t think it will come to that, however.  I’m waiting for good prices on the next version of flat screen TV, using LED technology.  It reportedly has a great picture and uses less energy than other flat-screen technologies, but presently, the price is too high for me to even bother researching it.

I am hoping that next year’s Christmas sales might be low enough to entice me — until then, we’ll get by with our downsized TVs.

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