Email Insanity

Last fall I ordered an inversion table online.  Part of the ordering process was to give them my email address.

Once they had my email address, they did the logical thing and began sending me email messages.  One or two of them were offers for complementary health devises and exercise equipment, but most were for inversion tables.  In case you are wondering what an inversion table is, it is essentially a device that allows you to hang upside down.  That might cause you to wonder why anyone would want two.  It sure makes me wonder.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Perhaps my enjoyment would be doubled if I had two.  Could it be that other purchasers of inversion tables turn around a buy a second one — two weeks later?  I think not.

Apparently, their marketing department wasn’t thinking either.  Why else would they insist on trying to sell me something I had already bought from them?

Likely they reasoned that it costs next to nothing to send an email to me — no mater how nonsensical.  After all, I might decide that I need two: one for the basement and a second one for the living room.  Yeah, right!

Their logic is shortsighted, however, because it will cost them something — my business.  You see, in exasperation for their thoughtless barrage of messages, I opted out.

Now, because of an ill-conceived email strategy, they have forever lost the opportunity to sell me something else.

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