Emotiv, the New Computer Interface

Last spring, I blogged about some up and coming technologies, including computers that will be able to detect and respond to brain waves.  As incredible as it seems, that future is now.

Although several companies are working on the concept of brainwave computer interfaces, the one that seems to be in the lead is Emotiv.  They plan to launch a consumer headset in 2009, tapping directly into the consumer gaming market.  They note that although computer graphics have made steady improvements over the years, the user interface — that is, the controller — has seen little substantive change or innovation — until now.

Of course there are many more useful (albeit less profitable) applications than gaming, such as controlling a wheelchair or operating a computer via mere thought.  This could add greatly to the quality of life for quadriplegics or others unable to operate a wheelchair or computer in a more traditional manner.  Emotiv is working on these, too.  Plus, they have some incredible visions for what this technology will be able to do ten to twenty years out.

There are some amazing demos and interviews on YouTube; just search for Emotiv — for now you will need to type it, but in a few years, you’ll only need to think it!

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