Facts For the Fatherless

Relevant magazine indicates that about one third of kids in the US are living in a home without a father.

That is sad, but even more shocking are the ramifications.  Children without fathers are:

  • 5 times more likely to live in poverty
  • 5 times more likely to commit crimes
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of school
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison

“The epidemic of fatherlessness causes a strain on young lives and leaves many young men with the burden of trying to figure out how to be a good man without any solid examples to look at,” writes Carl Kozlowski.

“Ninety-four percent of the prison population is male, 85% of which are without fathers,” cites Donald Miller.

This is a sobering reality to think about.

[To get involved, check out www.thementoringproject.org and www.bbbs.org ]

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