Firefox 3.0 — “Clearly the Top Choice in Browsers”

I’m a big fan of the web browser Firefox.  My initial appeal, several years ago, was ease of use and great features (like tabbed browsing and an elegant searching function).  With so many people, like me, embracing Firefox, Microsoft took notice and began adding features (and fixing bugs) in their stodgy Internet Explorer.  (When a virtual monopoly exists, there’s little incentive for the market leader to be innovative or offer improvements.)

Even though Microsoft has made up some of the lost ground in recent releases, I continue to steadfastly use Firefox.  Even so, I keep Internet Explorer around because sometimes I am forced to use it — but when I am, I think disparaging thoughts about the companies who so constrict me.

(Other popular web browsers include Opera and Apple’s Safari — both of which have loyal supporters.  I have a copy of Safari which I use for an occasional test of browser compatibility for my websites, but I’ve not taken the time to learn it — and am annoyed by the too often need to download updates, which seems a bit clunky.)

Anyway, Firefox has come out with version 3.0, which eWeek’s Jim Rapoza declared to be “clearly the top choice in browsers.”  Given my affection for Firefox and reviews such as that, I will be sticking with it for a long time — and Microsoft will have their work cut out to win me back to Internet Explorer.

(There is no connection between the browser Firefox and the Clint Eastwood movie Firefox — not to be confused with the Oates book and three movies with the Foxfire moniker.)

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