Go Michigan!

No, this isn’t an euphoric tribute to college sports, but rather a discourse on the sport of Michigan politics. Less you think me as speaking sardonically, I am serious.

Have you heard what Michigan has been up to? You see, traditionally the Presidential primary in Michigan is held so late that generally the nomination has either been sown up or is a foregone conclusion by the time we vote. As such, we are not relevant and none of the remaining candidates give us much attention. Although we get to vote, our votes don’t really matter to the candidates, ergo the candidates don’t really care about Michigan.

In an attempt to become relevant—and gain some much needed national attention (Michigan has been in a recession for about six years)—the state lawmakers moved our primary way up. The national party power brokers cried foul: our convention delegates may not be accepted, but at least we are voting at a time when it actually matters!

Apparently, Hillary is the only Democrat on the ballot, but she says she won’t be campaigning here. The Republican side is reported to be full, but again actual campaigning in Michigan is in question. They only effort I have seen is from Mitt Romney. He has good connections to the state, as his father George was a popular governor here in the sixties.

Since there is no real reason for Democrats to vote (why vote when there is only one option?), there is speculation that Democrats are registering as Republicans and vote for the least promising Republican candidate.

It’s turning into a real zoo, which points to another issue: the need for election reform! Right now, I am putting the final details of my plan and will unveil it in a few days—right here!

Until then, happy voting!

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