Goodbye AARP

Longtime readers may recall my many blog posts about the AARP. It started with irritation over them contacting me, to amusement over them continuing to lower the price of membership, to my eventual acceptance of a really low five-year membership package. I took their offer mainly to get in on all their special discounts.

My five years is ending. Not once did I jump at their offers, and their discounts turned out to not be much of a deal. Further, they irritated me with regular mailings that held no interest. However, the most infuriating is their political activity in which they assume that since I’m a member I agree with their political opinions. I do not, and I resent them implying I do.

So when my membership renewal notice came, I replied, telling them I would not renew, to immediately cancel my membership, and to cease all communication with me. I doubt they will follow my wishes.

As I give them more time to comply with my instructions, I continue to receive “final renewal notices,” and they continue to annoy me.

Goodbye AARP; please leave me alone.

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