Google to Shine with Chrome

This week, Google announced the beta version of its new web browser, Chrome; this was a long expected move on the part of Google.

Chrome is an open-source browser that is being touted for its simplicity, speed, security, and functionality.  If you want to test the beta version, it can be downloaded from the Google website.  Much information about it can be garnered from Google; Wikipedia already has a comprehensive entry about Chrome.  Plus, there are millions of references to Chrome on the Internet, many coming from bloggers — who are taking a wide variety of views on Google’s new offering.

As is often the case with Google, privacy advocates have raised concerns over the information that Chrome will gather in the course of doing its job, as well as what Google intends to do with that information.

Chrome is a logical extension of the Google brand.  Given Google’s record for success and resources, it is likely that Chrome will succeed.

Although I want to try it, I’ll hold off for a while and let the dust settle.  Once I’ve completed my test drive, I post the results here.

If anyone who has tested it would care to post their experience, please add your comment to this post.

Until then, happy web surfing!

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