Google’s Chrome Is Yet To Shine

Last September, Google released a beta version of their new Internet Browser, Chrome.

In January, after a relatively short beta-test period, Google released Chrome 1.0 for public consumption.  Reviewers touted its intuitive ease of use and some nice features, but criticized its overall lack of amenities found in most of the competition.

Although it is far from conclusive, I checked to see what browsers are being used by those who visit this blog.  During the past month, there was but one Chrome user, at 0.02% (that’s two hundredths of a percent, not two percent) of the total traffic.  I was shocked.  Interestingly, for the past year, the visitors using Chrome was 30 times higher at 0.6% (that’s six tenths of a percent).  Based on this minuscule sample, it would seem that people tried the beta version of Chrome — and then abandoned it.  Not even the official release was enough to regain their attention.

However, don’t count Chrome out.  With Google’s massive power behind it, it will likely eventually catch on — but we might need to wait for version 2.0.

Until then, happy surfing with your browser of choice.

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