Have You Heard About the New Mojave Operating System?

Have you heard about Microsoft’s new “Mojave” operating system?

Based on the assumption that Vista was suffering more from bad PR than bad code, Microsoft recently conducted the “Mojave Experiment.”

This experiment involved taking people who didn’t use Vista— but had negative impressions of it nonetheless — and showing them a demo for a new operating system called “Mojave.”  The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% rating Mojave higher than Vista.  The pre-demo rating (on a 1 to 10 scale) for Vista was 4.4 and the post-demo score for Mojave was 8.5.  That is a substantial difference.

In reality, Mojave was Vista.  The experiment showed that once the negativity of the Vista name was removed, people were positively predisposed to the features of Vista.

The participants were video taped and a montage of people criticizing Vista and gushing over Mojave is show on the Mojave Experiment website.  (I Googled “Microsoft Mojave” and was treated with over one million matches.)

This is seemingly a compelling argument to shove negativity aside and march boldly forward to Vista.

Still there are naysayers.  One criticism is that the participants didn’t actually get to use Mojave, only see a demo — and we all know that demos tend to surpass reality.  Also, the chosen participants were all non-technical folks.  It would be interesting to conduct the same experiment with a tech crowd and see if they enthused as much — or at all.

As for me — I staying with my “not now” attitude.  When and if I change my mind — I’ll let you know.

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