Humidity Be Gone

During the warmer part of the year, I run a dehumidifier in my basement to remove dampness and maintain it as a comfortable environment.

Being that it is now that time of the year, I went to turn it on last week — and couldn’t find it!  After scouring all the possible storage areas and double-checking that it wasn’t sitting in plain sight — twice — I remembered that I disposed of it last fall as it ceased to properly dehumidify.  The plan was that I would have all winter to secure a replacement.  That was a good plan, but alas it had been forgotten.

The replacement unit was on sale for $170 and is now happily purring away as it dutifully lowers the humidity in my subterranean level.

I hope this one lasts awhile.  The prior unit cost $150 and lasted a mere two seasons, for an effective pro-rated annual cost of $75.  It was noisy, too, sounding like a jet engine taking off — well almost that loud.

Ironically, that unit was bought to replace an aging workhorse that despite dehumidifying well, had a squealing motor bearing of which I had been unsuccessful in quieting — despite repeated attempts.  That unit cost $89 and lasted 18 years, before its well-deserved retirement, for an effective annual prorated cost of less than $5.

Although I don’t expect to achieve that degree of longevity with my new unit, I certainly hope it makes it for more than two years.  It seems that nothing lasts like it used to.

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