I Think I Can Wait 21 Seconds

I subscribe to a computer tech support service.  For the most part the guys (yes, they are all guys) are knowledgeable.  However, effective communications is challenging, as English is their secondary language — and I don’t know Punjabi.  Still, I willingly accept communication frustration in order to save considerable cash.

Several weeks ago, my computer developed a nasty habit of making me wait 21 seconds every time I used the “Save As” command and other similar operations.  The unfortunate thing is that 21 seconds is enough time to start another project — and forget the original task.

After I could stand it no longer, I initiated a service request.  Two hours later, after the third failed attempt, and the fourth explanation, the problem was solved.  I was giddy with excitement.  Now I could get back to work.  The first thing I did was open Microsoft Outlook — or at least I tried to.

I put in a follow-up request for service.  After another hour or so, the only remaining solution was to re-install Office.  I was not pleased, especially given the amount of customization that I had done so that I could work with optimum efficiency.  Reluctantly I gave my consent.

The reinstall failed.  The tech escalated the problem (which he had caused) and said I would hear back in 24 to 48 hours later.  I informed him that was not acceptable.  He sincerely apologized, but took no further action.

The next day, I would place repeated calls but was getting nowhere.  At noon I was given the promise of a return phone call within 48 hours.  Although greatly agitated, I honestly don’t think I was mean or rude to the agent, but I was insistent enough to garner a callback within the hour.  By 3:00 PM (24 hours later) my computer was back up and running just like before — with the 21 second delay.

They said I need to reinstall Microsoft Office to fix the problem.

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