Idiotic Political Mailings

Even though the US Presidential election is still five weeks away, we are already getting an irritating amount election related mail, none of which is from the actual candidates themselves.

First, we have received three pieces from the Michigan Republican party (MIGOP) about obtaining an absentee ballot.  They’ve been arriving on a weekly basis, so we’re soon due for another.

If that’s not perplexing enough, the NEA has now mailed five pieces in support of Obama.  Actually, to be correct, the first four were in support of Obama, with the most recent one, in criticism of McCain.  These have been arriving in pairs, with the second of each set, being nearly identical and arriving a day or two after the first.  That means that tomorrow we should receive another anti-McCain missive from the NEA.

It makes some sense that the MIGOP is sending political mailings, though the absentee ballot ploy is a head-scratcher.  Unless they’re working with the AARP who thinks that I’m getting old and MIGOP assumes that it will be a hardship for me to make it to the polls.

However, NEA’s involvement is a bit of a stretch.  They must have money to burn, if they can send me two mailings a week every week or so.  If you’re an educator, this is how your dues are being wasted.  What is more amusing is that the hard-line rhetoric used in the NEA mailings have actually served to decrease my opinion of Obama.  Perhaps I should fear him as much as some Republicans warn.  So I guess the NEA is educating me — though not in the way they expected.

I have more to say about the NEA, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

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