In Memory of

Today is Memorial Day in the USA.  It is a national holiday set aside in memory of military personnel who died while serving their country.  As such it should be a solemn day of remembrance, attending parades and visiting the graves of loved ones.

Memorial Day is also an appropriate reminder to thank all those who have served their country through military service.  Regardless of your opinion on the politics behind the various US involvements in which they serve, commend them for their many acts service; they put their future and their life on the line for their compatriots.

Additionally are those who return from military service with life-altering injuries, both physical and mental.  Too often they are forgotten or marginalized.  Remember them too.

Some observe Memorial Day by doing these things.  For others it is a day to relax or have a cookout.  However, too many have lost sight of why this holiday exists, seeing it merely as a day off from work (for most people) or a long weekend.  So enjoy the day, but also take in a parade, visit a grave site, thank a military man or women, hire a vet, or do whatever you can to show respect or appreciation.  But whatever you do, remember to remember — today and every day.

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