It Had to Happen – Eventually

It was inevitable; it had to happen sometime.  The Detroit Lions finally won a football game.

Yesterday they snapped a 19 game losing streak, spanning of all the 2008 season and going back to December of 2007.  Yes, 2007 — that’s nineteen months of winless football and sheer agony for the hapless Lion fans.

I anticipated that there would be massive celebration and veritable pandemonium when the long-awaited victory was realized, but the reaction was quite subdued.  It was as if the win merely ended an unhappy chapter, to which everyone wanted to turn the page and forget.

Although I watched very little of the game, I was periodically checking the score during the commercial breaks of the Hallmark movie I was watching.  Even so, I did record the last few minutes so that I could witness the results.  (I “watch” football by recording the game and then during playback I press the “advance 30 seconds” button at the conclusion of each play, usually bringing me close to the next snap.  It’s a great way to enjoy a game without being subjected to the inane chatter and numerous replays.)  What took 15 minutes to televise was about 60 seconds of actual football.

Although the Lions led the entire game and reportedly dominated the first half, Washington did mount a brilliant comeback attempt with a potential game winning play at 8 seconds remaining.  (Last year the Lions failed to snap their losing streak when their opponents scored the game winner with 9 seconds left.  I would not have been surprised had history repeated itself.)

Even so, the Lions now have a one game winning streak and at a scant three games into the season have already bettered last year’s record.

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