I’ve Got Water, How About You?

clean water

Although April began with the proverbial showers that are reputed to bring May flowers, it has been quite arid the past two weeks.  So much so that I have had to resort to watering my lawn.

I feel a bit guilty doing so.

You see, as I dump hundreds of gallons of pure, clean water on my lawn, over a billion people on this planet have no clean water drink.  I would gladly forgo my lawn watering ritual if it would somehow quench the thirst of those with parched throats, but alas, any water sacrifice that I make in Michigan does nothing to satiate those who are thirsty in third-world countries.

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Even so, there are ways to help.  Countless organizations provide inexpensive and simple water filtration units to those with dirty, germ-laden, disease-infested water.  Even a small donation can provide a safe source of water to those in need.  Other organizations drill wells in areas lacking nearby surface water.  Wells are more expensive, but can serve thousands for many years.

I just did a Google search for “provide clean drinking water” and was treated to 284 million matches—I’m sure one of those organizations will click with you.

So, go ahead and irrigate your lawn if you must, just remember to do your part to “water” thirsty people in the process.

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