Kindle Continues to Grow

Since its introduction, I’ve been tracking Amazon’s Kindle, a portable, wireless reading device for e-books and digital media (such as magazines).  When it was first introduced in April 2008, the initial production run sold out within hours.

It seems that the high demand for Kindle has been maintained.  Publishing consultant Robert Sacks recently reported that Kindle sales are believed to have grown faster than iPod sales for the same time frame.  This impressive record is enough to confirm consumer interest and the growing pervasiveness of Kindle (as well as other digital readers).

We are getting close to the point where there will be enough interest to make my magazines and newsletter available to digital readers.  Although I personally prefer holding a book or magazine in my hand, I am anxious to experience digital reading via a Kindle device.  My main dilemma is carving out time to play with it and get up to speed.

Once I see how the device works and better understand its value, the next step will be formatting my publications for it.  Of course, that takes times as well.  There is an opportunity cost of pursuing this course versus some other equally interesting, compelling, and important task.  Even so, it is my goal before year-end to have prioritized the time to do so.

I’ll keep you posted.

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