Leaves Be Gone

A few weeks ago, while admiring the red leaves on my burning bush and the yellow leaves on my Maple trees, I noted that dealing with the falling leaves would soon occur.

Fortunately, this is a task that I hire out — it is the only yard work I don’t do myself.

Ten healthy, growing Maple trees simply produce too many leaves for me to deal with.  So, I called my favorite leaf service and in a couple hours, a team of three had the leaves corralled into the pile pictured below.

A Huge Pile of Fall Leaves

Although it looks like they might be ready for curbside leaf pickup, we don’t enjoy such a service where we live.  In fact, we don’t even have a curb.  Part of the service includes pickup by a separate company.

As of today, the pile is gone — and with it, my leaf responsibilities for another year.

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