Let Every Vote Count

Yesterday it was rumored that the McCain campaign was conceding the State of Michigan (meaning that they no longer viewed Michigan as a swing state and are assuming that they won’t win it).

Today it was confirmed.  They are reportedly going to close their campaign headquarters in Michigan and divert planned promotions to other swing states, which they still think they can win.

As a Michigander, I am left with the sad reality that even if I decide who to vote for, my vote won’t count — not really.

Michigan will once again be written off and not given a role in determining our next President.  The silver lining is that we will not be deluged with endless mailings and intrusive phone calls, either.

Of course, if we could just jettison the whole electoral college contrivance and all it’s inherent nonsense, using the popular vote instead, then every vote, in every state, would be meaningful and be counted.  Then, no one would be left out of the process, no state could be marginalized, and our candidates would need to truly campaign throughout the whole country.

Isn’t that what equality is all about?

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