Let’s Play Tag — In Cyberspace

I have been blogging since January 2008 and have made 315 entries to date — no wait, 316.  To organize these entries, I have concocted 30 topic categories, adding each post to at least one category, usually more.  This allows readers interested in the topics of, say, Computers and the Internet to read related posts, while skipping the Family or Movie Review musings.  This entry, for example, will be placed in the category of “Blogging,” for which there are now 24 entries.

I have recently begun adding “tags” to words that often find themselves in my posts, but which do not rise to “category” status.  So far, I have six words or themes that I have tagged:

  • Google, a company I love; 23 entries.
  • Microsoft, a company that I love and love to criticize; 21 entries.  (Five entries are tagged with both Goggle and Microsoft.)
  • Netflix, my fav; 13 entries
  • USPS, 10 entries (there are 61 posts that use the work “mail,” but I’ve yet to tag them).
  • AARP, 9 entries
  • NEA, 5 entries.

Of course, this post will have to be tagged with all six!

If any of these tags interest you, click on the above links and check them out.


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