Long Distance Charges

Many years ago, I worked at a mid-sized company. It was at a time when alternative long distance carriers could first be considered; I was tasked with investigating options. A common prospecting method among the providers was cold calling via the phone. They would share a baseline of general information, followed by the query, “So, about how much do you spend on long distance a month?”

Seeking to have some fun, I would be evasive, saying, “Oh, it’s in the twenties.”

There would be an awkward moment of silence, before they’d timidly seek clarification.  “Ah, do you mean twenty dollars?”

“No,” I would deadpan, “twenty thousand.” At that point, they would hurriedly set up an appointment to meet with me in person.

That was then. Today is different; my long distance usage is in the twenty-dollar range.  What bugs me is that my bill is substantially higher.  Here’s a breakdown:

Long distance:                   $29.31 (it was a high month!)
Reoccurring charges:       $19.95
Other fees/surcharges:    $15.11
TOTAL:                             $65.92

So, my “long distance” bill is only 44% long distance; 56% is for various taxes and surcharges – courtesy of our politicians. Therefore, my 5 cents a minute rate, effectively becomes 11.25 cents.  Even though this expense is a fraction of a percentage of my annual costs, it is one that causes great angst.  For my own piece of mind I must do something about it. However, my usage is not going to garner me any attention or interest. I’ll be lucky if anyone will even talk to me about it.

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