Long Live Xmarks

A few months ago, I lamented that Xmarks would be shutting down.  Xmarks is a free Web service that synchronizes web browser favorites and info between multiple computers and multiple browsers.  For a person who bounces between computers and uses four browsers,* Xmarks is a handy tool, greatly saving me time and easing frustration.

The problem for Xmarks was not a lack of users, but a lack of revenue.  Unable to monetize their service or to find a buyer, they announced they would shut down in early 2011.

I am now pleased to announce that Xmarks will not be shutting down.  This week I received an email from them that a last minute buyer has rescued them.  A company is called LastPass.  They are a “leading password and data manager” — whatever that means.

What I do know is that this news is like an early Christmas present.  Thank you LastPass!

* For browsers, I primarily use Firefox.  IE is there for when Microsoft forces me to use it.  I also occasionally use Chrome and Safari to check to see how well my Websites display with them.

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