Maghound: “The Magazine Lover’s Best Friend”

There is an interesting new website,  It was a single source that allows people to subscribe to most leading consumer magazines.  In some ways, it is like Netflix for magazines.

Although the site is still in beta (which means they are still working out some kinks), I have been using it and am so far pleased.  The entry-level package is $4.95 a month and includes three magazines.  The magazine titles are easily accessible and categorized.  Click on the titles you want and they will send the next issue to you.  At any time, you may change titles, so it is a great way to try a new magazine without the commitment of an annual subscription.  It is also ideal for magazines that you want to read occasionally, but which seem a tad redundant month after month.

It works really well with monthly magazines and even weekly or semi monthly publications, but it gets a bit tricky when bi-monthly or irregularly published issues are thrown into the mix.  For the months that your selected magazine doesn’t publish, it will pull a title from your substitutes list, which you set up for just that situation.

I am currently subscribing to two magazines the old-fashion way, and Maghound is much cheaper for both.  This was also the case with several other titles that I checked.  As these magazines come up for renewal, I will switch them over to Maghound.  Not only will I save money, but I will avoid the hassles of renewing subscriptions, being billed, mailing checks, and being deluged with renewal notices, seemingly throughout the entire subscription.

If you subscribe to at least three magazines, check out Maghound.  I think it is a glimpse of things to come.

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