Michigan Votes in the Presidential Primary

Tomorrow is the primary presidential election in Michigan. I am glad that this day is upon us — for two reasons.

The first is that this time our votes will actually matter. Eight years ago, by the time it was Michigan’s turn to cast our ballots, the leading candidate of my preferred party had the nomination sewn up before we could vote. Four years ago, in an effort to be relevant in the nomination process, Michigan moved up the date of our primary. The ploy so angered party officials that they punished us by disregarding our delegates. So much for voting early. This time, however, the nomination is still undecided and our voice will matter.

The second reason I am looking forward to the primary election is that it will put an end to the incessant robo calls that we are being deluged with. Initially we were getting one call a day, then two, and then more. Yesterday, I believe it was six. Who knows what this day will bring. But come Wednesday, the phones will go silent, albeit until the general election in the fall.

Aside from the annoyance of their interruption, the calls are not helpful — and from my perspective they do more harm than good. For me, each call actually serves as a negative mark against the sponsoring candidate. The one with the most money to spend is calling the most often, greatly decreasing his standing in my eyes. Stop spewing the tired rhetoric, the twisted truth, and the out-of-context inferences.

I am wearied by the political process, but at least this time my voice will be heard.

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