Microsoft Live OneCare and Error Message 2100

In past blogs I first pondered about Microsoft Live OneCare, then reviewed it, next grumbled about error Message 2100, and most recently resolved the problem of not being able to subscribe to it.

Doing a Google search for Live OneCare Message 2100 produced 7,940 matches.  Of the results I checked, the problem was presented, but no one advanced a verified solution.

Well, for the sake of global computer sanity, I will share my solution!

First, The Problem: Microsoft Live OneCare ran fine in the trial mode, but when I tried to subscribe, I received an error Message 2100.  I could not find an answer online nor was anyone who I communicated with at Microsoft aware of what “Message 2100” meant or how to fix it.

What Didn’t Work: Uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Live OneCare, signing up for a second account, trying to subscribe on a second computer, and all combinations thereof.

The Solution: Instead of downloading the software and subscribing online, I bought the software on CD from a local store and installed it from the CD.  Since I already paid for it, I didn’t need to subscribe online, hence bypassing the problem.

Now I have Microsoft Live OneCare happily chugging away on three computers, (hopefully) protecting me from all manner of Internet evil.

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