My Fever is Finally Starting to Subside

My fever is finally starting to subside — Olympic fever that is.  Although the 2010 Winter Olympics is officially over, I still have a few recorded items to watch.  Midway through the event, our DVR had a scant three hours of available recording space, but we did make it through the entire Olympics without filling it up.  (We can record two channels simultaneously, so we missed some of the coverage.  Had we been able to record four simultaneous channels, we would have surely filled up the hard drive.)

I’ve already mentioned several of the events.  As for those contests that fit into the “sledding” category, I like the 4-“person” bobsled the best, followed by the 2-“person” version.  Since they are traveling at 95 MPH, it’s good that they are inside a vehicle to afford some protection.  Although not as fast — relatively speaking — the luge and skeleton seem a bit too daring and foolhardy to undertake, with the 2-man luge being just too weird to watch.

I also enjoyed the pursuit, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, and especially the halfpipe (even though it is a “judged” event).

The Olympics treated us to some great hockey, with the men’s gold medal match being one of the best games ever.  Though I am happy that Canada won gold on their home soil in both men’s and women’s hockey, I was pulling hard for the USA to prevail in both.  Even so, a silver medal is something to be most proud of — which, sadly, the US men were yet to realize at the medal ceremony.

I skipped most of the figure skating and ice dancing, though I did catch the gold medal performances.  It was not until the medalists performed in the Gala event, that I was able to truly enjoy their artistry, grace, and skill.  At that point, there is no judging pressure and the skate can be rendered — and enjoyed — as pure art.

Although I devoted too much of my spare time the last two weeks to watching Olympic coverage, it served as a welcome diversion from our Michigan winter.  I figure that once I’ve made it through February, spring is right around the corner, so it’s all good!

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